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All-Round Hypnotherapy
I work as easily in English as in Dutch. Attuning flexibly to what a client needs is how I've been educated and something that suits me well as a person. This means that I follow your subconscious during a session, smoothly transitioning from one technique to the other. For instance; in Regression there can be moments of EMDR, then if a symbol pops-up we work with it and if the subconscious brings us "personality parts" we work with those. Because I can stay relaxed with what your subconscious asks and am not trying to force it into protocols, there is no resistance. You heal in the way that suits you.

EMDR Therapy (For acute trauma) (Specialty)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy. A powerful, highly researched and proven trauma processing technique. These days, this is increasingly being applied in regular health care. Since it is a form of working with the subconsciousness, hypnotherapists generally have more options to deviate from the protocol, to follow the subconscious and therefor to achieve better results.

Coaching (fully deductible for professionals/ ZZP)
Our mental well-being largely determines how productive and decisive we are in our work. Certainly as a self-employed person, your own happiness and success are fully in your own hands. Procrastination, stress, feelings of inferiority and lack of direction can be major obstacles to us. In my experience there is seldom a lack of (self) knowledge among self-employed people. If despite having all the cognition and skills, success and joy still seem hard to obtain, it`s time to work on a deeper level on what stands in the way of our dreams.

DRT Therapy (For Complex trauma, Specialty)
A derivative of EMDR therapy that explicitly leaves more room for what appears in a session. A lot is asked of the therapist with regard to the skill, creativity and flexibility in mixing techniques. This technique is extremely suitable for complex trauma. In contrast to acute trauma, such as experiencing a robbery, complex trauma involves a whole series of events. Things that we experience in our (early) childhood can quickly lead to a very complex structure of survival mechanisms. Many people walk around with this, learn a lot about themselves in their therapeutic processes, but unfortunately often do not get through it by themselves. In my view, the solution is not to oversee the complexity of causes and effects. But giving the subconscious space for unraveling and letting go of all this its own way.

Regression Therapy (Many applications, Specialty) 
If situations or thoughts "trigger" us emotionally, it means that what we are experiencing now unknowingly reminds us of something else from the past. We can evoke such a situation in a trance state and then follow this feeling back in time to where it once began. If an experience or series of experiences ever changed our fundamental world and self-image, then another experience can also overwrite this. This is how the neuro-plasticity of our brain works. The key to getting real deep change is that we have to go beyond rational insight. Just like when it formed us, we now also have to live it emotionally. This is possible in regression therapy and that makes it a particularly powerful technique. If the subconscious considers it relevant, it is also possible to go back to past lives, although that usually does not happen.

Attachment theory according to Dr. Gordon Neufeld
When I became a father, we encountered issues with our son that we did not understand properly. When we finally discovered the Neufeld Institute after a year of searching, everything fell into place. Since then I have taken a course on Alpha children, one on attachment in general and one on love relationships. This knowledge feels like the keystone that completes my world and view of humanity. I have long felt that the problems most people face have something to do with attachment. Gordon explains it in detail, he goes much further than being "insecure, anxious or avoidant" attached, he offers us very concrete help and insights.

MBit (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)
We have more than one brain, in addition to our layered head brain, our heart and belly also have a brain. There are literally neural networks there, the one in the abdomen is comparable in complexity to a dog or cat brain. If these brains do not communicate well, or want other things, then we experience a split within us. Our actions and thinking are not congruent, something that often leads to stagnation in our lives. Bringing these brains in contact with each other and bringing everyone's needs to the table can improve the mutual relationship. When they start working together, the changes in a person can be enormous.

Working with (oppositional) parts/ IFS (With strong self-criticism)
It often happens that someone feels an internal struggle. For example, by wanting different things at the same time. It often manifests itself as a part that is very judgmental, very strict, while another part suffers. This can be so disruptive that it can even lead to depression. Both parts mean the best for the person, but this split in us can be very counterproductive. This technique can bring change this inner split.

Nonviolent Communication / Empathy (NVC) (Specialty)
Non-Violent Communication, such an ugly name for such a beautiful and special technique. The essence is Empathy, the human capacity to really be present with someone, without judgment and without an agenda. The effect of pure empathy is that we can really feel heard or seen. Our body relaxes and there is room for development, healing actually starts by itself. In my view, deepening and training empathy is a must for every therapist. It is a fantastic combination with hypnotherapy.

ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
This form of therapy is based on Mindfulness. The idea is that we first learn to accept where we are now, our life situation, state and capabilities. From this acceptance we can take steps towards our values, that which makes our lives richer. It is important that it is not about feeling good now, because that can lead to avoidance of what wants to be seen internally. We avoid nothing and still move towards our desired life. We don't have to wait until everything is healed, every day I can take mini steps towards my desired life. So nice while we are still in the process.

Meditation and Mindfulness (Coach)
I have been meditating for many years, but the last few years have seen enormous growth. For me, the catalyst was my first ten day Vipassana retreat in one meditates in silence for ten hours a day. By now I did three of these ten day retreats. Nowadays I meditate for about one or two hours a day. The hundreds of hours I have spent in my own subconscious have given me embodied knowledge and new skills. My choice for this work as a Hypnotherapist is a natural consequence of this, it fascinates me immensely and I seem to have a natural talent for it. Because I myself have been going through a process of self-knowledge and letting go of old complex trauma for many years, I understand that this can only be approached in a holistic way. My own experience helps in guiding others in their growth process.
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