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What will make you happier?

Something that helps you to release what is bothering you every day?

Or something outside of yourself, like a holiday or a new ... ?


I invite you for a free introduction by phone. The easiest way to find out if this path suits you and how it works.

The first session will take about 90 minutes, you pay 1 hour.
Package of six sessions
The key to growth is to experience enough safety to take steps.
After the intake you can decide to take a package, the 95 eu you paid will be settled.

- Weekly sessions at fixed times.
- You have two months to complete the six sessions.
- Sessions last about 75 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.
- Investment: 700 euro
- If you end up wanting more sessions after this, you keep paying 100 eu per session.

Coaching is deductible as a work expense for entrepreneurs.

Rate Loose sessions
95 euros per hour (including 16,48 euros VAT)

Why I work with a package.
I recommend taking a package, it is cheaper and also a clear signal to the body that it is allowed time to get used to work. That you are willing to listen and will stay, even when things get strange or uncomfortable.

In my experience, clients are completely convinced of the usefulness of the work during the sessions. Most find it fascinating and even moving to discover their inner world. An internal change is initiated, growth. It is well possible that a part in them will try to sabotage the process. Trying to postpone sessions or concluding that enough healing is done are common forms of sabotage.

That's why I no longer use my online booking system, we plan the next session at the end of a session. Another way to prevent this self sabotage is that the package has to be used within a limited period of time. This helps to keep you to show up consistently so that together we can also face this potential sabotage part.

A package is cheaper and if a session takes longer, because you are going through something, you do not pay extra.

(Relationship) Mediation
Resolving issues that have grown over time, that are nested in the relationship takes some time. Depending on the intensity of the emotions involved we can do the whole thing in one session, or we might need to divide it in parts in different days. For instance meeting each party involved separately first and do the mediation on an other day.

- one session is 3 to 5 hours, this includes:
- about 45 - 60 minutes with each partner separately
- the actual mediation, 60 - 180 minutes

The more people involved and the longer the disharmony has grown, it is likely that there is more pain to be heard by all. This just takes some time.

I will charge 95 euro per hour, including VAT for mediation.
In case we have many hours planned, for instance when there will be multiple sessions needed, or there are more than two parties, I am willing to make a fixed and reduced rate.

For business partners this could be considered Coaching, which is deductible as a work expense for entrepreneurs. 

The Deep Dive
- Free exploration session
- We'll decide on a rate and the duration together.
- Sessions last as long as they need.
- Your process leads our work schedule.
- In between session coaching is available when needed.

Based on my own experiences, I believe that the first layer of symptoms, where therapy usually stops, is an invitation to grow fundamentally as a person. To really get to know and "heal" ourselves. To let our life energy flow again, so that we can finally realize our dreams.

Sometimes your dreams are linked to your work, this is often the case with creatives and entrepreneurs/freelancers. How you are doing as a person and the belief systems you have, determine to a large extent your degree of success. If you experience stagnation in your work, growth will most likely  not come from that new website, Google Ads, new business cards or even a new office. 

I will help you break free from what is holding you back from being successful, and happy. Procrastination and other blockages in realizing dreams, disappear as we look at and heal the underlying causes. In addition, we will install desired new habits, these will bring your dreams closer every day.

I commit myself to your growth and will be there for you in everything you come across, even in between sessions if necessary. Are you ready to really commit to investing in your own growth?

Have struggled enough with life? Are you really ready for a new chapter? Then The Deep Dive is for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Canceling or changing sessions
Within 48h to the session it can be rescheduled free of charge.
Changing or canceling the session costs 20 euros within 48 hours
Changing or canceling the session costs 50 euros within 24 hours
On the day itself you pay the full amount if you cancel or change.
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