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What will make you happier?

Something that helps you to release what is bothering you every day?

Or something outside of yourself, like a holiday or a new ... ?


I invite you for a free thirty minute introduction meeting by phone or video call. In my opion the easiest way to find out if this path suits you and how it works.

Package of six sessions
The key to growth is to experience enough safety to take steps.
After the intake you can decide to take a package, the first session you paid will be settled.

- Weekly sessions at fixed times.
- You have two months to complete the six sessions.
- Sessions last about 75 minutes (no extra charge if we go overtime up to 100 min.)
- Investment: 750 euro
  (including VAT for private people and excluding VAT for business.)
- If you end up wanting more sessions after this, you keep paying 125 euro per session.

You can pay for the first session afterwards via tikkie, the invoice will follow soon.

To receive the discount that the package gives, the total amount must be paid before the second session starts. I give this discount as an incentive to commit, which gives me control over my planning and saves me financial hassle.

Coaching is fully deductible as a work expense for entrepreneurs.

Rate Loose sessions
150 euros per session (including VAT for private people, excluding VAT for business.)
You can pay for the first session afterwards via tikkie, the invoice will follow soon.

Why I work with a package.
I recommend taking a package, it is cheaper and also a clear signal to the body that it is allowed time to get used to work. That you are willing to listen and will stay, even when things get strange or uncomfortable.

In my experience, clients are completely convinced of the usefulness of the work during the sessions. Most find it fascinating and even moving to discover their inner world. An internal change is initiated, growth. It is well possible that a part in them will try to sabotage the process. Trying to postpone sessions or concluding that enough healing is done are common forms of sabotage.

That's why I no longer use my online booking system, we plan the next session at the end of a session. Another way to prevent this self sabotage is that the package has to be used within a limited period of time. This helps to keep you to show up consistently so that together we can also face this potential sabotage part.

A package is cheaper and if a session takes longer, because you are going through something, you do not pay extra.

(Relationship) Mediation
Resolving issues that have grown over time, that are nested in the relationship takes some time. Depending on the intensity of the emotions involved we can do the whole thing in one session, or we might need to divide it in parts in different days. For instance meeting each party involved separately first and do the mediation on an other day.

- one session is 3 to 5 hours, this includes:
- about 45 - 60 minutes with each partner separately
- the actual mediation, 60 - 180 minutes

The more people involved and the longer the disharmony has grown, it is likely that there is more pain to be heard by all. This just takes some time.

I will charge 95 euro per hour, including VAT for mediation.

For business partners this could be considered Coaching, which is deductible as a work expense for entrepreneurs. The costs for this are 95 eu per hour excluding VAT. 

Canceling or rescheduling sessions
The session can be rescheduled without any costs up to 72 hours before the session.
Rescheduling or canceling the session within 48 hours costs 30 euros.
Rescheduling or canceling the session within 24 hours costs 80 euros.
Within 12 hours you pay the full amount if you cancel or reschedule.
It needs to be done by phone or with Whatsapp.

General Conditions apply
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