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Ralf Westerhof
and EMDR

Ralf Westerhof
and EMDR

My approach

If you prefer to read, then please scroll down to find the transcript of this video.
This video explains in a simple way how a whole range of problems are linked to a dysregulated Autonomic Nervous System. Chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and fibromyalgia. But also fear of commitment and separation anxiety, fear of public speaking, addictions, you name it, the list is huge.

In addition to typical Hypnotherapy techniques, I have also spent a lot of time regulating my own nervous system. I did this by spending thousands of hours in meditation. Next to that I had help of therapist, and I spend years training Empathy through Nonviolent Communication classes. All the work I did on myself allows your nervous system to easily connect to my calm nervous system. This gives you system the safety it needs to work through things you haven't yet done. 

Somehow most of us be believe we are supposed to go through things by ourselves, that we somehow should have learned how to self-regulate in a healthy way. No one showed us how as we grew up, so let's drop that unhelpful idea. We are mammals, group animals, co-regulation is how our system can function optimally. You don't have to do it alone. You can experience that things that seemed impossible until now, turn out to be possible with the right help.

I also went through quite a journey myself. For years I was not in touch with my feelings because of trauma. I had many relationships, but most were short lived. Concentrating was difficult for me and sex was too important. I just couldn't find peace. Now I feel safe in my relationship in a way that I have never before experienced in my life. My work is flourishing on multiple levels and I can enjoy being a father :)

Many of you, like me, have tried a lot with limited success. Do you want to experience that you can really get beyond where you are now? Call me or just click the Whatsapp button to have for a free phone consultation.


He has a really great sense of “what’s going on”…

Ralf is incredibly kind and caring, as you would want from someone in this line of work. However, just as important is that I've found him to be deeply intuitive and emphatic. He has a really great sense of "what's going on" with the issues I bring to him, and perhaps it's that Dutch pragmatism but he's really good at figuring out which technique in his arsenal to use on any given session. I'm incredibly happy with the sessions I've had with him.

Rob Brennan



I am a psychologist myself…

After a long search for a good hypnotherapist I ended up with Ralf. It soon felt safe and familiar, so I immediately dared to discuss my biggest fear / problem with him. I am a psychologist myself and know enough tactics to overcome fears, but I also know that some feelings and patterns are so deep that it is very difficult to be able to fundamentally change something through, for example, cognitive behavioral therapy. Under the guidance of Ralf, I am able to go to the 'deeper layer' and make changes to it. Ralf does not cling tightly to protocols, but he lets my subconscious mind be sent. As a result, we come to events, feelings, and thoughts that I would otherwise have difficulty accessing. Ralf is a very empathetic, warm and committed therapist, who can provide excellent assistance in working on various problems. I am very happy that I have taken this step and Ralf is the one who guides me through this process.

F. Stapper



Every session feels like a clear step forward …

Often you consciously know very well how you would like to change your own behavioral patterns, but there is something that is stopping you, that you cannot really name, so that it does not work. With hypnotherapy you will explore your subconscious. In this way you get to know your unconscious behaviors and patterns that often have a source in the past, and you work towards solutions to these unpleasant situations, so that the hindering emotions are reduced. This makes it easier for you to do the things you want to do in your daily life. Ralf is a careful supervisor of this search process. He has a number of different methods to support you in this, and intuitively chooses what suits you best. He really takes the time for you, so you can go into the depths and you can make big steps in your development. Every session feels like a clear step forward in the desired direction.

Ralf has definitely provided a deep transformation.

Ralf’s methodologies brought me deep inside from the very first session. By now I was familiar with the origin of certain obstructing patterns / beliefs that I had, but Ralf could help me to feel, to really become aware. And in doing so he helped me to break free: to release blockages. On a mental but also energetic level.
When he predicted in advance that I would need about 6 sessions, I thought that it would be overestimated. But: he really succeeded! In just a few sessions he created clarity and liberation. Ralf has definitely provided a deep transformation.

Ralf is a very empathetic and feeling person…

Ralf is a very empathetic and feeling person, who sees things just a little differently than others. He puts you at ease and creates a 'field' (energy) in which you feel safe and things get softer. As a person and therapist, he has a rich / broad background and he has various tools that he can use.

Katherine G.



Beforehand I had quite a lot of fear …

Ralf reassured me and took me to places where I would probably never come again without hypnotherapy. Through his help and presence, I was able to watch events in my life that had created a negative belief in me. Now that I experienced these memories again, I was able to get rid of a certain noise. Ralf is present and invisible in a very pleasant way. You notice his involvement and how he genuinely wants to help you. I had a lot of fear beforehand, but Ralf took away my fear of hypnotherapy. I grant everyone one or more sessions with Ralf.

S. Kienhuis



Sleeping problems and a lack of life direction

Both Ralf as a person and the therapeutic knowledge that he possesses I have experienced as very valuable. Il felt safe, heard and understood before, during and after the sessions. Openness and responsiveness seem to be a must, at least for me, to get the treatments positive effect as a client. Highly recommended in the field of hypnotherapy for sleeping and daring to give your life direction.

T. Tells



I learned to look at myself with more compassion.

In the few sessions with Ralf I learned to look at myself with more compassion, this also makes it easier to look at others without judgment. We also healed a trauma in a short time, so that everything flows again. Feels like a very worthwhile investment in myself.

He also shows the person behind the therapist.

I am someone who does not easily trust men, but Ralf really sees me for who I am and can see through my soul. Sometimes I found matters difficult to discuss, but Ralf's open, empathetic and sensitive attitude meant that not many words were needed. This made my healing process a lot easier. I have seen little of my past as something I could look back on with admiration. Through an EMDR session I saw and felt how strong I am. I felt empowered and admired myself rather than condemnation. This felt very liberating.
Furthermore, what I am grateful for is that Ralf notices subtle changes. I often used a lot of words, because of this I went away from my feelings and then Ralf could bring me back to my emotional world. It was more common for him to realize what I was supposed to feel in a situation in my past, rather than actually feel it. Only after he mentioned that situation is painful, I could only allow the pain and feel it fully.
Finally, I love that Ralf doesn't stick to the clinical setting. This has never worked for me in the past. Ralf is not afraid to show himself. He also shows the person behind the therapist and that is exactly what I needed and what works for me to heal. I am very grateful for Ralf's guidance.

I experience much more peace, playfulness and breathing space

It was special to travel with Ralf. He knows how to create a safe space where everything is welcome. This space gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into myself and gain more insight and process some painful experiences. After a few sessions I experience much more peace, playfulness and breathing space.

Helped with my fear of speaking…

Ralf guided me in a relaxed and safe way and helped me with my fear of speaking. Where my body froze earlier as soon as I went back to specific memories. With those same memories - after the sessions with Ralf roaring laughter appeared from within me! Thank you Ralf!




I felt really seen!

I came to Ralf to help me through a difficult period in my life. In advance I was not sure what to expect, but Ralf's friendly, calm and positive character made me feel quickly familiar. I was impressed how much we could achieve in one session by feeling and experiencing and how quickly Ralf sensed what was going on inside me, very special. I felt really seen! It has helped me to let go of certain beliefs, to be more in touch with my emotions and boundaries and to be empowered. I have been brought back on my own path. When I think back to 2 months ago it is a world of difference from where I am now. Thank you!

Also think of physical complaints like a stuck neck that nobody can help you with..

Knowing that you can get more out of your life but always stay in analysis mode so it never really changes? Ralf's sessions are life changing. He has made me feel that so many things become clear in your life. Also think of physical complaints a stuck neck that nobody can help you with until the moment when the emotions come loose. By feeling you go live and how you experience that automatically .. I could not reach my emotions but through this way I finally succeeded.

Janna Mirck



Coming into contact with what wanted to be seen..

I felt so comfortable and supported by Ralf. That helped me enormously in coming into contact with what wanted to be seen. And has contributed to relaxation and trust.

Marije Roos



My life has been changing rapidly..

Ralf is a practicing therapist with special abilities. Since I was in therapy with him, my life has been changing rapidly. Certain patterns that I thought I could never transcend. I transcend. I dare to live more and do what I feel like. My life energy is given back to me through the collaboration with Ralf. I don't know anyone who works like him. After having had several therapists, I became very critical. Now I realize what a good therapist is. Thanks to Ralf's sensitivity, he feels exactly where I am in a session and leaves nothing behind. His love for what he does as a therapist runs through the sessions like a red thread and makes me feel free to express what I experience.

R. Bakker



I had completely lost who I was, Ralf helped me find myself again.

Ralf managed to put me back on both feet in a very impressively short amount of time. I had completely lost who I was. With Ralf's help I have completely found myself again! In addition, he has given me exercises to be close to myself, which makes me stronger in the world!

Dirk Been



After three sessions I feel my life energy flowing again …

Talk less, feel more. After three sessions I feel my life energy flowing again and all kinds of things are starting to fall into place. Very interesting and special to experience this. Thanks Ralf

Video calling is an option in times of Corona
Although most of my clients choose to work live with me, working online is an option. The whole Corona period I have been working successfully online with clients, my working method seems to be perfect for this exceptional time.

Hypnosis is a broad concept, the state you may know from television in which people are completely "gone" is rarely desired in therapy. Imagine that in our sessions I will help you get into a state where you are much more connected to your body. Perhaps more than you have ever consciously experienced. The thousands of hours of meditation I have done allow me to be very present. Your body feels this, it relaxes and starts doing what it has always wanted to do; heal itself. This work is a special process in which you will develop a new and fruitful relationship with your body.

Your complaints (physical or mental)
The first layers are the layers that are troubling you now in everyday life. I'm talking about the worrying, depression, fears, addiction, chronic (physical) complaints, avoidance behavior and trauma.

It is like a bucket that is full, nothing can be added. Anything that comes along leads to problems. This also explains how complaints arise and worsen over time, the buffer we once had has run out. Together we will create space in that bucket, so your physical and emotional complaints will quickly decrease drastically. Over time they may even disappear completely.

No one can take these initial steps alone, because feelings have become very strong over time. We were already not in the habit of wanting to feel them, now they are so strong that they threaten to overwhelm us. An untrained person simply isn't able to carry this alone. I will take care of the safety, so that you can empty the bucket at a safe pace, and thus bring peace back into your nervous system.

Feel free to contact me
Call me or just click the Whatsapp button to send a message. We can discuss whether your situation is suitable for this working method.


Ralf Westerhof

I work with:

- Burnout symptoms
- PTSD (Trauma)
- Depression
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- Youth trauma
- Fear of commitment
- Fear of abandonment
- Addictions
- Fear to speak
- Anxiety disorders
- Sexual problems
- Sleep problems
- Stress
- Phobias
- Chronic physical complaints
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