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What will make you happier?

Something that helps you to release what is bothering you every day?

Or something outside of yourself, like a holiday or a new ... ?

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Non-Dutch bank payments
This booking app only offers Dutch iDeal payments. If you can't use this, please contact me for other options.

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Alternatives to booking loose sessions
The key to growing is feeling safe enough to make steps.

If you're reading this, chances are you want help with something. Something that you have not been able to solve with your thinking and doing. I say; to grow beyond this you must respect your body's need for safety.

Choosing for a series of sessions or a longer predetermined period to work with me, are clear signals to the body that you give it time to get used to work. That you are willing to listen and will stay, even if it's strange or uncomfortable.

I recommend giving yourself time to focus inward with support.

Package of six sessions
- Weekly sessions at fixed times
- Sessions last approximately 75-90 minutes.
- Investment: 850 euros

You find a payment link here.
Coaching is fully deductable for enterpreneurs.

Therapy and private coaching period
- We'll come together on the rate and duration.
- Sessions last as long as they need.
- In between session coaching is available when needed.

Based on my own experiences, I believe that the first layer of symptoms, where therapy usually stops, are an invitation to grow fundamentally as a person. To really get to know and "heal" ourselves. To bring back all those pieces of ourselves that are still lingering in the past. To let our life energy flow again, so that we can finally realize our dreams.

Sometimes your dreams are linked to your work, this is often the case with creatives and entrepreneurs / freelancers. How you are doing as a person and the belief systems you have, determine to a large extent your degree of success. If you experience stagnation in your work, focusing on a better website and the like, is probably not where growth will come from.

I will help you break free from what is holding you back from being successful, and happy. Procrastination and other blockages in realizing dreams, disappear as we look at and heal the underlying causes. In addition, we will install desired new habits, these will bring your dreams closer every day.

I commit myself to your growth and will be there for you in everything you come across, even between sessions if necessary. Are you ready to really commit to investing in your own growth?

If you have struggled with life enough that you that you are ready for a new chapter, you're ready for this. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Canceling or changing sessions
The session can be changed online without consultation up to 48h before the session.
Within 48h to the session it can only be done in consultation.
Changing or canceling the session costs 20 euros within 48 hours
Changing or canceling the session costs 50 euros within 24 hours
On the day itself you pay the full amount if you cancel or change.
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